For latency sensitive applications requiring high reliability Rely provides a cutting edge Erasure Correcting Code (ECC) to interleave a dynamically configurable amount of repair packets into the network to achieve the lowest possible latency.

The Problem

Minimizing latency and maximizing reliability of internet connections is an increasingly important feature for modern interactive applications. This applies especially to streaming services and remote control applications where reliable real-time response is essential.

The latency floor is limited by the physics of the connection and the reliability ceiling is limited by the available throughput of the connection. Often they are opposing properties, where attempts to minimize latency actually decrease reliability or vice versa.

The Solution

In most networks the latency is usually dictated by the physics of the connection, like the physical distance between the endpoints and the processing delays in routers on the way, but from time to time the latency doubles or triples for short periods, typically due to lost packets needing retransmissions.

Steinwurf has developed the Rely coding library, which uses RLNC to intelligently repair lost packets. Rely keeps the packet erasure rate at a minimum and thereby keeps both latency and reliability stable.

Based on an estimate of the packet loss rate, Rely can preemptively send repair packets, which are used to recover lost packets and minimize the need of retransmissions.

In the bar chart below the Rely RLNC coding shows a 100-fold improvement in latency compared to a standard ARQ based packet transfer protocol. Virtually all lost packets are recovered without the need for retransmission, maintaining latency at the physical minimum for the connection.

Use cases

Multimedia: Live streaming, video conferencing, remote desktop

Entertainment: Immersive entertainment (AR/VR), online gaming, cloud gaming

Healthcare: Remote robotic surgery, remote diagnosis, emergency response in ambulances

Transport: Real-time driver assistance applications, enhanced safety, self-driving cars, traffic management

Security: Secure access to private networks (VPN)

Getting Started

Rely is currently available as a beta release. The full Rely release will consist of a software library with a well documented API and a commandline interface which both serve as a demonstration of the effects of using Rely in your application, and as a reference design which will show how Rely can be integrated into an application.


If you want to know more and get notified when Rely is ready for release, please leave us a message and we will keep you updated.