Warning: This is a development version. The latest stable version is Version 4.0.1.

News for rely

This file lists the major changes between versions. For a more detailed list of every change, see the Git log.


  • tbd


  • Patch: Add missing implementation for counter_name for encoder and decoder.


  • Major: Make resolved symlinks relative
  • Patch: Improve the titles in the benchmark plots
  • Minor: Added set_timeout and catch_up functions to encoder and decoder. This allows changing the timeout after configure.
  • Minor: Added/updated API to reset and iterate through the different performance counters.
  • Major: Change the meaning of the –mtu option when running the Rely application in TUN mode.
  • Minor: Support logfile output when running Rely application in TUN mode.
  • Major: Update chunkie dependency.
  • Major: Update bitter dependency.
  • Major: Update recycle dependency.
  • Major: Update endian dependency.
  • Major: Update kodo-slide dependency.
  • Minor: Updated Rely application to use flush and optionally flush_repair.
  • Minor: Add documentation on content aware encoding with Rely.
  • Minor: Add documentation on Rely’s packet loss protection approach.
  • Patch: Fix issue where encoder::flush_repair() would generate too many repair symbols for a given repair rate.
  • Minor: Added a number of additional performance counters.
  • Major: Remove the symbols_encoded(), symbols_decoded(), symbols_dropped() etc. in favor of performance counters.
  • Minor: Adding performance counters for monitoring performance.
  • Major: Update to Rely Evaluation License 1.2, and Rely Research License 1.2.


  • Patch: Fix issue with TCP in tun application.


  • Patch: Fix hello world example.


  • Minor: Added encoder::flush_repair() function for flushing repair symbols manually. Doing so force the encoder to satisfy the repair requirements all source symbols currently in the stream.
  • Minor: Added encoder::stream_size() and decoder::stream_size() which exposes the number of packets currently in the stream.
  • Minor: Added simple hello_world example.
  • Major: Changed packet_bytes to max_packet_bytes.
  • Major: Changed packets_dropped to symbols_dropped.
  • Major: Changed packets_decoded to symbols_decoded.
  • Minor: Added encoder stats which exposes repair_symbols_encoded, source_symbols_encoded, and symbols_encoded.
  • Patch: Fixed a bug which caused the decoder to throw away useful data, making it far less effective.


  • Major: Added support for variable symbol length.
  • Major: Re-wrote API to support timeout and decouple it from IO.
  • Major: Update license to Evaluation License Version 1.2.
  • Minor: Added CMake support.


  • Patch: Actually the initial release.


  • Major: Initial release.